Who's in the USBPO


Advance the scientific understanding of burning plasmas and ensure the greatest benefit from a burning plasma experiment by coordinating relevant U.S. fusion research with broad community participation.


  • Coordinate and advocate U.S. Burning Plasma research
  • Provide a U.S. organizational structure for participation in BP program
    • Individual investigator and larger groups
  • Optimize U.S. ITER participation and address issues beyond ITER
    • Promote and coordinate activities on existing experiments, theory and simulation, diagnostics, etc.
    • Identify and develop U.S. areas of excellence and interest in BP program (including staff)
  • Educate and advocate BP science to the wider scientific community
  • Closely coordinate U.S. activities with U.S. ITER Project Office
    • ITER Physics R&D
    • Maximize U.S. exploitation of ITER
  • Facilitate strong interactions with international partners
    • e.g., ITPA, IEA collaborations, etc.
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