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Topical GroupLeaderInstitution (ldr)Deputy LeaderInstitution (dep)Year
Confinement and TransportWalter GuttenfelderPPPLNathan HowardMIT2020
DiagnosticsMax AustinTexasCalvin DomierUC Davis2020
Integrated ScenariosFrancesca TurcoColumbiaDevon BattagliaPPPL2020
MHD, Macroscopic Plasma PhysicsCarlos Paz-SoldanGANate FerraroPPPL2020
Modeling and SimulationXueqiao XuLLNLSterling SmithGA2020
Energetic ParticlesEric BassUCSDCami CollinsGA2019
Fusion Engineering ScienceJean Paul AllainIllinoisMasa ShimadaINL2019
Operations and ControlEugenio SchusterLehighDan BoyerPPPL2019
Pedestal and Divertor/SOLJerry HughesMITOliver SchmitzWisconsin2019
Plasma-Wave InteractionsGreg WallaceMITCornwall LauORNL2019

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