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Topical Groups

 Topical Group  Leader  Deputy Leader
Confinement and Transport Saskia Mordijck (William & Mary) Walter Guttenfelder (PPPL)
Diagnostics Max Austin (Texas) Luis Delgado-Aparicio (PPPL)
Energetic Particles Eric Bass (UCSD) Cami Collins (GA)
Fusion Engineering Science Jean Paul Allain (Illinois) Masa Shimada (INL)
Integrated Scenarios Francesca Poli (PPPL) Francesca Turco (Columbia)
MHD, Macroscopic Plasma Physics Steve Sabbagh (Columbia) Carlos Paz-Soldan (GA)
Modeling and Simulation Lang Lao (GA) Xueqiao Xu (LLNL)
Operations and Control Eugenio Schuster (Lehigh) Dan Boyer (PPPL)
Pedestal and Divertor/SOL Mike Jaworski (PPPL) Jerry Hughes (MIT)
Plasma-Wave Interactions Greg Wallace (MIT) Cornwall Lau (ORNL)

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