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Disruption Task Group
Leaders: Valerie Izzo (UCSD) and Robert Granetz (MIT)
The task group exists to coordinate US-wide disruption research efforts (both experiment and theory), to identify gaps and suggest priorities, and particularly to ensure that outstanding issues for the ITER Disruption Mitigation System are addressed in a timely manner. The US ITER Project Office has the responsibility to provide ITER's DMS.

Visit the 2014 National Campaign on Disruption Avoidance & Mitigation.

Visit the U.S. Disruption Mitigation 2012 Workshop webpage.

To become involved, please contact Valerie Izzo, or subscribe to the Disruption Task Group mailing list.

Information on recent task group meetings can be found on the USBPO Disruption Task Group forum.

The current list of Disruption Task Group members.
Virtual Forum, 2012
International Collaboration, 2011
Planning for US Participation in ITER, 2009
Planning for US participation in ITER, 2007
ITER Issue Cards, 2006
ITER Physics Tasks, 2006-2007
Energy Policy Act (EPAct), 2006
/organization/?article=completed tasks | Leaders: Robert Granetz, John Wesley
Visit the U.S. Disruption Mitigation Workshop webpage
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