Who's in the USBPO


The Directorate acts to facilitate definition, participation, and execution of BP research activities.

The Council is the advisory body of the USBPO. It provides oversight of USBPO activities, and is responsible for long-term strategic planning of burning plasma research. The Council sets the policies and procedures of the USBPO, including the by-laws governing USBPO operations.

The Topical Groups represent the resources and expertise of the USBPO. They exist to address the science issues of burning plasmas and provide a venue for community-based burning plasma research. The Topical Groups stimulate, support, organize, define, and execute burning plasma-related research tasks in the U.S. fusion program.

USBPO Task Groups are formed to work on specific BP issues that cut across the Topical Group boundaries. More information on Task Groups and their activities can be found on the USBPO forum.

The USBPO Charter was adopted by the Council on December 15, 2006. The USBPO Bylaws were adopted by the Council on April 6, 2007. An amendment to the USBPO Charter and Bylaws was adopted by the Council on November 13, 2007 to incorporate Associate Membership status for non U.S.-based burning plasma scientists interested in joining the USBPO. The amended documents are now available.

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