DOE Workshop on Integrated Simulations for Magnetic Fusion Energy Sciences


Panel A: Disruption Prevention, Avoidance, and Mitigation Physics
Author(s) Whitepaper Title Cross‑cutting Panel(s)
J. W. Berkery, S. A. Sabbagh, and Y. S. Park Disruptivity Reduction Research on NSTX-U, Including Characterization of Causes and Use of Kinetic Stability Theory Models
Allen H. Boozer Studies of Halo and Relativistic Electron Current
Boris Breizman Runaway Electrons
Dylan Brennan, Chang Liu, and Allen Boozer Toward Understanding Runaway Electron Generation in Disruptions
Dylan Brennan, Andrew Cole, and John Finn Looking Forward in Disruption Avoidance via Stability Analyses and Control
S. A. Galkin Role of Magnetic Flux Conservation, Plasma Surface Current and TMHD in Disruption Simulations
Alan H. Glasser, Z. R. Wang, and J.-K. Park Resistive DCON and Beyond
R. G. Granetz Runaway Electron Threshold Discrepancy in Tokamaks
D. Humphreys A Critical Role for Theory, Computational Models, and Simulations in Transients
V. A. Izzo Development of Validated Predictive Simulations for Disruption Mitigation
S. C. Jardin Proposed New Initiative in Disruption Modeling
Egemen Kolemen and Alan H. Glasser Real-Time Parallel DCON for Feedback Control of ITER Profile Evolution
S. E. Kruger Computational Limits to Disruption Prediction
K. J. McCollam, D. J. Den Hartog, C. M. Jacobson, J. A. Reusch, J. S. Sarff, and the MST Team, Validating Extended MHD Models for Fusion PlasmasC
Abraham Sternlieb The Liquid Lithium Wall/Divertor Pathway to Fusion Energy
Vladimir Svidzinski Parallelization and Further Development of Stability Code MARS
F. Turco, C. Paz-Soldan, J.M. Hanson, G. Navratil, A. Turnbull Measuring and Modeling the Approach to Instability in the ITER Baseline Scenario (and Beyond)
Z. R. Wang, J. E. Menard, Y. Q. Liu, and J.-K. Park The Drift Kinetic and Rotational Effects on Determining and Predicting the Macroscopic Magnetohydrodynamic Instability
Leonid E. Zakharov and Calin V. Atanasiu Thin Wall Model for Disruption Simulations in the Presence of Sources and Sinks
Leonid E. Zakharov Tokamak MHD (TMHD) Model of VDE Disruptions: Theory/Simulation Aspects
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Panel B: Plasma Boundary Physics
Author(s) Whitepaper Title Cross-cutting Panel(s)
N. Bertelli, D. L. Green, D. D'Ippolito, J. Myra, C. K. Phillips, E. J. Valeo, and J. C. Wright Integrating RF Power into Scrape-off-Layer Plasma Simulation
M. W. Bongard, R. J. Fonck, G. R. McKee, J. A. Reusch, and D. R. Smith Multi-Scale Validation of Nonlinear ELM Physics and Simulations
D. Curreli, J. P. Allain, D. Andruczyk, and D. N. Ruzic Large-Scale Integrated Modeling of Plasma Boundary and Plasma- Material Interactions
D. A. D'Ippolito and J. R. Myra ICRF-Edge and Surface Interactions
M. Dorf, M. Dorr, J. Hittinger, T. Rognlien, P. Colella, P. Schwartz, R. Cohen, and W. Lee Modeling Edge Plasma with the Continuum Gyrokinetic Code COGENTC
A. H. Hakim, G. W. Hammett, and F. Jenko Progress and Challenges in Plasma Boundary Simulations: Opportunities for Improved AlgorithmsCD
D. R. Hatch, M. Kotschenreuther, S. Mahajan, and P. Valanju Gyrokinetic Pedestal Transport Studies
F. Jenko, A. Bañón Navarro, T. Carter, G. W. Hammett, D. R. Hatch, T. Neiser, and D. Told Towards a Truly Predictive Capability: Ab initio Models for the Plasma BoundaryDE
M. Kotschenreuther, S. Mahajan, B. Covele, and P. Valanju Implications of Small SOL widths on Tolerable ELM Size and ELM Tungsten Sputtering
M. Kotschenreuther, S. Mahajan, and P. Valanju Cumulative Integrated Performance on ITER that allows Q=10C
Jeremy Lore, Ilon Joseph, and Oliver Schmitz Addressing the Need for Fluid Plasma Boundary Modeling
Chris McDevitt, Zehua Guo, and Xianzhu Tang Impact of Turbulent Transport on Macrodynamics via Plasma Current Modification
J. R. Myra and D. A. D'Ippolito Understanding the SOL: Fundamental Physics Challenges
A. Y. Pankin, S. E. Kruger, J. R. Cary, J. R. King, A. Hakim, A.Y. Pigarov, A. H. Kritz, and T. Rafiq Importance of Coupling of Plasma, SOL and Wall Regions for Plasma Boundary Problems
Scott Parker and C. S. Chang First Principles Integrated Simulation of Boundary Multi Physics Using PIC Method
U. Shumlak and D. A. Sutherland Need for Simulating Plasma-Neutral Dynamics
V. Sizyuk and A. Hassanein Integrated Modeling and Simulation of Edge and SOL Phenomena to Predict Performance of Plasma-Facing and Nearby Components
R. D. Smirnov, S. I. Krasheninnikov, and A. Yu. Pigarov Plasma-Wall Interactions Can Turn Magnetic Fusion to Dust
David Smithe Multi-physics of RF, Antennas, the SOL, and the WallsD
W. M. Stacey Whitepaper for DOE-OFES Integrated Simulation Boundary Workshop
Daren Stotler, Predrag Krstic, and Igor Kaganovich Integrated, Multi-Scale Plasma-Material Interface SimulationCDF
Xianzhu Tang, Zehua Guo, and Scott Hsu Feedback of Plasma-Materials Interaction on Scrape-Off Layer Plasmas
Graham M. Wright The Challenge of Surface and Materials Model Validation in a Tokamak
S. J. Wukitch RF Sustainment Simulation Opportunities for Steady State Fusion Reactor Plasmas
Xueqiao Xu Develop a Validated Predictive Modeling Capability for ELMsD
Leonid E. Zakharov Fusion (?) Energy (??) Science (???) and its Gaps and Integration
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Panel C: Whole Device Modeling (WDM)
Author(s) Whitepaper Title Cross-cutting Panel(s)
N. Bertelli, D. Green, C. K. Phillips, E. J. Valeo, and J. C. Wright A Mode of Interoperability with the ITER IMAS
N. Bertelli, D. Green, C. K. Phillips, E. J. Valeo, and J. C. Wright The Role of RF Source Components in a Whole Device Model
Allen H. Boozer Integrated Simulations
J. D. Callen, J. M. Canik, N. M. Ferraro, H. Frerichs, C. C. Hegna, E. D. Held, S. C. Jardin, S. E. Kruger, B. C. Lyons, J. J. Ramos, O. Schmitz, and C. R. Sovinec Unifying Modeling of Tokamak Plasmas
J. Candy and E. Belli Emphasis on Reduced Models for Integrated ModelingD
J. M. Canik Whole Device Modeling can Facilitate Validation Efforts in Boundary Physics
J. R. Cary for the FACETS team The FACETS project: an approach to multiscale modeling by an interdisciplinary teamD
J. R. Cary Whole-device modeling capability: issues and futureG
Guoyong Fu and Zhihong Lin Integrated Simulations of Energetic Particle Transport in Burning PlasmasAD
D. L. Green, D. B. Batchelor, J. M. Canik, W. R. Elwasif, D. E. Bernholdt, N. Bertelli, C. Holland, and J. M. Park Next Steps in Whole Device Modeling
D. L. Green and J. M. Park The Role of HPC & First-Principles Simulation in Whole-Device-Modeling
W. Guttenfelder First-Principles Simulations and Reduced Models for Core Turbulent Transport
Robert Hager, S. Ku, J. Lang and C. S. Chang First-Principles Whole Device Modeling of Fusion Plasma on Extreme Scale Computers, in collaboration with ASCR scientists
G. W. Hammett Overall Motivation for Fusion Integrated Simulations: Developing Improved Fusion Power PlantsB
G. W. Hammett A Modular Approach to First-Principles Whole-Device Integrated SimulationsBDF
R. W. Harvey, Yu. V. Petrov, R. H. Cohen, and M. Dorf 4 ½ D Fokker-Planck Transport ProjectB
R. J. Hawryluk, S. Ethier, B. Grierson, A. Hakim, S. Jardin, S. Kaye, and F. Poli Role and Requirements for Whole Device ModelingDEFG
C. Holland and W. Guttenfelder The Role of Massively Parallel Computing in Developing a Practical, Maximally Impactful Validated Predictive Modeling CapabilityDG
C. Holland, W. Guttenfelder, and G. McKee A National Validation Initiative for Guiding Predictive Model DevelopmentABDEFG
Tom Jarboe The Need for Computational Centers that Validate Using Small Experiments
F. Jenko, A. Banñon Navarro, T. Carter, G. W. Hammett, D. R. Hatch, H. Mynick, M. J. Pueschel, P.W. Terry, and D. Told Towards a Truly Predictive Capability: Recent Progress and Next Steps in Core GyrokineticsDE
Arnold Kritz, Tariq Rafiq, and Alexei Pankin Goals and Challenges Associated with Whole Device Modeling
Mike Mauel, Jay Kesner, and Barrett Rogers Axisymmetric, High-β, Steady-State Plasma Torus: A "Wind-Tunnel" to Develop Whole Device ModelsD
G. R. McKee, M. W. Bongard, R. J. Fonck, D. R. Smith, and Z. Yan Advancing Multiscale Fluctuation Measurement Capability to Validate Integrated SimulationsB
R. R. Parker, G. M. Wallace and S. Shiraiwa Whole Device Modeling with Novel Radio-frequency Actuator Schemes in Steady-State Reactor Designs
Yu. V. Petov and R. W. Harvey Status of the CQL3D-FOW Project
F. Poli, D. Battaglia, D. Boyer, S. P. Gerhardt, J. Menard, and D. Mueller The Role of Integrated Modeling in Disruption Avoidance and Profile Control Devlopment
A. H. Reiman, M. R. Dorr, and L. L. LoDestro Development of a Time-Dependent Transport Code that Can Handle Nonaxisymmetric Magnetic Fields with Islands and Stochastic Regions, with Application to Disruption Prediction and AvoidanceADG
Eugenio Schuster Integrated Modeling Needs for Plasma Control Design
Philip Snyder, John Canik, and Greg Hammett Crossing the Threshold to Prediction-Driven Research and Device DesignABDE
D. A. Spong Integrated Whole Device Modeling as a Target for OptimizationD
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Panel D: Multiphysics and Multiscale Coupling
Author(s) Whitepaper Title Cross-cutting Panel(s)
Mark F. Adams Early Exa-Scale Science Opportunity: Edge Plasma Physics
Russel Caflisch and Bokai Yan Hybrid Methods with Negative Particles, for Accelerated Simulation of Plasma Kinetics
Emil Constantinescu, Jed Brown, and Barry Smith Tightly Coupled, Partitioned Time-Integration Methods
Andrew Davis, Paul Wilson, James Blanchard, Raluca Scarlat, Carl Sovinec, Oliver Schmitz, and Mario Trujilo Multi-Physics Coupled Predictive Modeling & Simulation of Technology of Fusion Energy SystemsBCFG
Chris Hansen, Jeff Levesque, John Schmitt, and Thomas Jarboe Flexible MHD Tools for 3D Boundaries and Resistive Wall Coupling in Fusion DevicesAC
N. T. Howard and C. Holland The Computational Requirements of Multi-Scale Gyrokinetic Simulation and Its Impact on Modeling of Tokamak PlasmasCEF
Ilon Joseph and François Waelbroeck Theory and Simulation of Resonant Magnetic PerturbationsBC
W. W. Lee, E. A. Startsev, S. R. Hudson, W. X. Wang, and S. Ethier A Multiphysics and Multiscale Coupling of Microturbulence with MHD Equilibria
B. W. Ong, M. A. Iwen Sensing Multiscale Structures in High-Dimensional Data
Abani Patra, P. Bauman, and V. Chandola Efficient Modeling and UQ with Reusable ToolsEFG
Bobby Philip Mathematical Design of Multi-domain Multi-physics FrameworksCG
J. Shadid, Cyr, Lin, Pawlowski, Phillips, Tuminaro, Wildey, L. Chacon Whitepaper for DOE Workshop on Integrated Sim. for Magnetic Fusion Energy Sci. Topic D: Multiphysics and Multiscale Coupling.
Carl Sovinec, Dylan Brennan, Guoyong Fy, and Valerie Izzo Computational Challenges of Integrated Simulations for Disruption StudiesG
D. R. Reynolds, R. Samtaney, A. Sandu, M. Tokman, and C. S. Woodward Advanced Time Integration for Magnetic Fusion
Phil Colella and Brian Van Straalen Convergence Properties of Particle-In-Cell Methods
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Panel E: Beyond Interpretive Simulations ('outer loop' issues)
Author(s) Whitepaper Title Cross-cutting Panel(s)
Tan Bui-Thanh Scalable Uncertainty Quantification Algorithms for Truly Predictive Integrated Simulations in Magnetic Fusion Energy Sciences
Yanzhao Cao Break the Curse of High Dimensionality and Low Accuracy: Efficient and High Order Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Filtering Problems
Howard C. Elman White Paper for Discussion on Uncertainty Quantification in Integrated Simulations for Magnetic Fusion Energy Sciences
M. Grigoriu Extremes of Solutions of Stochastic Equations
Robert D. Moser and Varis Carey Applications of Uncertainty Quantification to Models of Magnetically Confined Plasmas
Habib Najm and Omar Knio Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Models of Fusion SystemsF
Cosmin G. Petra, Sanjay Mehrotra, Mihai Anitescu, and Emil Constantinescu Robust Decision Making for Magnetic Fusion in the Presence of Model Errors
Adrian Sandu and Alireza Haghighat Uncertainty Quantification and Inverse Problems for Fusion Energy Sciences
S. P. Smith Covariance in Uncertainty Quantification of Experimental Analyses
Laura Swiler, Michael Eldred, and John Shadid Whitepaper Prepared for DOE Workshop on Integrated Simulations for Magnetic Fusion Energy Sciences Topic E: Beyond interpretive simulations
D. Kouri, D. Ridzal, B. van Bloemen Waanders, and S. Uryasev Optimization Under Uncertainty for Magnetic Confinement Fusion
John Shadid, Tim Wildey, Eric Cyr, and Paul Constantine Enabling Efficient Uncertainty Quantification Using Adjoint-based Techniques
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Panel F: Data Management, Analysis, and Assimilation
Author(s) Whitepaper Title Cross-cutting Panel(s)
Suren Byna, Spyros Blanas, and John Wu Automated Rich-Metadata Management for Integrated Fusion Energy Simulations
Jong Choi, Tahsin Kurc, and Scott Klasky Workflow Case Study: Fusion: Experimental Data Processing Workflow
Jong Choi, Tahsin Kurc, and Scott Klasky Workflow Case Study: EPSi Data Processing Workflow
R. M. Churchill, C. S. Chang, S. Ku, S. Klasky, J. Choi, R. Hager, D. Stotler, J. Lin, and S. Janhunen Scientific Knowledge Discovery in Data-Intensive, Large-Scale Fusion SimulationsB
D. J. Den Hartog, M. E. Galante, L. M. Reusch, M. D. Nornberg, and the MST Team Integrated Data Analysis to Expand Measurement CapabilityC
Martin Greenwald, David Schissel, and John Wright An Unmet Need: Documenting Complex Scientific Workflows - End to EndG
N. T. Howard Data Management and Analysis Challenges Associated with Validating Multi-Scale Gyrokinetic Simulation of Experimental Discharges
Gerd Heber and Quincey Koziol The HDF5 "Value Proposition" for the Fusion Data Lifecycle
O. Meneghini and S. Smith Synergistic Opportunities Between Data Management Tools and Integrated Modeling FrameworksG
David Mikkelsen Thoughts on Data Management Tools for Physics Simulation Codes
Dmitriy Morozov, Brian van Straalen, Konstantin Mischaikow, E. Wes Bethel Topological Dynamics for Fusion Analysis
Francesca M. Poli On the Visualization of Simulations
John Wu, Scott Klasky, and C. S. Chang A Case for Real-Time Comparative AnalyticsA
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Panel G: Software Integration and Performance
Author(s) Whitepaper Title Cross-cutting Panel(s)
Francesca M. Poli On the Separation between Physics-Oriented Research and ITER-Driven Research and the Role of Software Performance
S. P. Smith and O. Meneghini A Sustainable Pathway Towards Successful Integrated ModelingC
Alice Koniges, Shreyas Cholia, Prabhat, Yushu Yao Data and Workflow Solutions for Fusion Using NERSCF
Theresa L. Windus and T. Daniel Crawford The Computational Molecular Sciences Software Development Community
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