Abstracts received by the FSSP for the July meeting

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J.P. Allain, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign & B.E. Koel, Princeton UniversityEstablishing the surface science and engineering of plasma-facing liquid-metal PFCs
R. Boivin (GA), M. Austin (UT), T. Biewer (ORNL), D. Brower (UCLA), E. Doyle (UCLA), G. McKee (UW), P. Snyder (GA)Enhanced Validation of Performance-Defining Physics through Measurement Innovation
D. P. Brennan (Princeton University), President, University Fusion Association, on behalf of the University Fusion Association Executive CommitteeThe Role of University Scale Groups in Fusion Research for the Next Decade
D.L. Brower (UCLA-Leader), Theodore Biewer (ORNL-Deputy Leader), on behalf of USBPO Diagnostics Topical GroupA Burning Plasma Diagnostic Technology Initiative for the US Magnetic Fusion Energy Science Program
Peter Catto and Paul Bonoli (MIT PSFC); Sergei Krasheninnikov (UCSD); Dmitri Ryutov (LLNL); Steve Cowley, Jack Connor and Jim Hastie (Culham); Jim Myra and Dan D'Ippolito (Lodestar); Felix Parra, Alex Schekochihin and Michael Barnes (Oxford); Per Helander (IPP-Greifswald), Allen Boozer (Columbia); C. S. Chang, Stephen Jardin, Cynthia Phillips and Greg Hammett (PPPL), John Cary (Tech-X); Francois Waelbroeck (IFS); Bill Dorland and Matt Landreman (Maryland)Unique opportunities to advance theory and simulations of RF heating & current drive and core & pedestal physics at reactor relevant regimes in the Advanced Divertor Experiment
C.S. Chang (PPPL), S.E. Parker (University of Colorado), and M. Greenwald (MIT)First-Principles Simulation of Whole Fusion Device on Leadership Class HPCs in Collaboration with ASCR Scientist
Raymond Fonck for the PEGASUS team. University of Wisconsin-MadisonInitiatives in Non-Solenoidal Startup and Edge Stability Dynamics at Near-Unity Aspect Ratio in the PEGASUS Experiment
J. Freidberg, E. Marmar, H. Neilson, M. Zarnstorff, MIT PSFC, PPPLMIT-PSFC Makes the Case for QUASAR
Guoyong Fu, Zhihong Lin, Yang Chen, Scott Parker, Carl SovinecIntegrated Simulation of Performance-limiting MHD and Energetic Particle Instabilities with Micro-turbulence
Robert Goldston, Brian LaBombard, Dennis Whyte, Michael ZanrstorffA Strategy for Resolving the Problems of Plasma-Material Interaction for FNSF
C.M. Greenfield for the U.S. Burning Plasma OrganizationPositioning the U.S. to Play a Leading Role in and Benefit from a Successful ITER Research Program
Houyang Guo and BPMIC Team DIII-D National Facility, General AtomicsDeveloping Heat Flux Solutions for Next-Step Fusion Devices
W. Guttenfelder, D.L. Brower, N.A. Crocker, S.M. Kaye, J.H. Irby, J.E. Menard, W.A. Peebles, M. Podesta, M.J. Pueschel, Y. Ren, T.L. Rhodes, L. Schmitz, A.E. WhiteValidating electromagnetic turbulence and transport effects for burning plasmas
G. W. Hammett, C.S. Chang, S. Kaye (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), A. Pletzer, J. Cary (Tech-X)Integrated Computing Initiative To Predict Fusion Device Performance and Study Possible Improvements
D.L. Hillis and ORNL TeamMaterials Facilities Initiative
M. Jaworski, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, on behalf of the LM PFC working groupLiquid metal plasma-material interaction science and component development toward integrated demonstration
R. Maingi, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, on behalf of a LM PFC working groupA Liquid Metal PFC Initiative
Dick Majeski, Princeton Plasma Physics LaboratoryA conceptual design for a low aspect ratio liquid lithium tokamak for STFNSF, a fusion pilot plant, or a compact power reactor.
Dick Majeski, Princeton Plasma Physics LaboratoryLTX: Exploring the advantages of liquid lithium walls
E. Marmar, on behalf of the Alcator TeamSuccessful completion of Alcator C-Mod, and the transition to a new, advanced divertor facility (ADX) to solve key challenges in PMI and development of the steady-state tokamak
Dale Meade, Chair Magnetic Fusion Program Leaders Road Map Study GroupOptimizing the Next 10 Years of Fusion Research Toward the Goal of Fusion Energy
J. Menard, PPPL for the NSTX-U teamNSTX-U: ST research to accelerate fusion development
C.C. Petty, General AtomicsPreparing for Burning Plasma Operation and Exploitation in ITER
C. K. Phillips and P. T. Bonoli , L. A. Berry, N. Bertelli, D. D. Ippolito, D. L. Green, R.W. Harvey, E. F. Jaeger, J. Myra, M. Porkolab, S. Shiraiwa, D.N. Smithe, E. J. Valeo, and J. C. WrightInternational Collaborative Initiative for RF Simulation Models in support of ITER and the ITER Integrated Modeling Program
M. Podesta, J. K. Anderson, W. Boeglin, B. Breizman, D. Darrow, A. Fasoli, E. Fredrickson, G.-Y. Fu, N. Gorelenkov, Z. Lin, J. Menard, S. Pinches, J. Snipes, S. Tripathi, M. VanZeeland, R. WhiteDevelopment of tools for understanding, predicting and controlling fast-ion-driven instabilities in burning plasmas
S. Prager, Princeton Plasma Physics LaboratoryThe PPPL Perspective on the Charge to the FESAC Strategic Planning Panel
R. Raman, T.R. Jarboe, B. A. Nelson, University of Washington, WA, J. E. Menard, D. Mueller, M. Ono, T. Brown, PPPLSimplifying the ST and AT Concepts
S.A. Sabbagh, N. Commaux, N. Eidietis, S.P. Gerhardt, B. Granetz, J.M. Hanson, V. Izzo, E. Kolemen, R. La Haye, J.E. Menard, R. Raman, M. WalkerCritical Need for Disruption Prediction, Avoidance, and Mitigation in Tokamaks
Philip Snyder and Vincent Chan, General AtomicsCrossing the Threshold to Prediction-Driven Research and Device Design
E. J. Strait, General AtomicsEstablishing the Basis for Sustained Tokamak Fusion Through Stability Control and Disruption Avoidance
P.W. Terry (Wisconsin), Peter Catto (MIT), Nikolai Gorelenkov (PPPL), Jim Myra (Lodestar), Dmitri Ryutov (Livermore), Phil Snyder (GA), and F. Waelbroeck (IFS)Role of Analytic Theory in the US Magnetic Fusion Program
US Fusion Program Stragey in the ITER EraT. S. Taylor, General Atomics
Zeke Unterberg, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, for the Boundary/PMI Center Team at the DIII-D National Fusion FacilityAdvanced Materials Validation in Toroidal Systems for Next-Step Devices
M. R. Wade and the DIII-D Team, General AtomicsDevelop the Scientific Basis for Buring Plasma Experiments and Fusion Energy Development (A 10 Year Vision for DIII-D)
Anne White, Paul Bonoli, Bob Granetz, Martin Greenwald, Zach Hartwig, Brian LaBombard, Earl Marmar, Miklos Porkolab, Syunichi Shiraiwa, Graham Wright, and the entire MIT-PSFC Team Advanced plasma diagnostics for validation in high-performance toroidal confinement experimentsAdvanced plasma diagnostics for validation in high-performance toroidal confinement experiments
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