How to Access White Papers submitted to the FESAC Subcommittee on MFE Priorities (FSMP)

White papers submitted to the FESAC Subcommittee on MFE Priorities (FSMP), and discussions related to those papers, are published in the USBPO password-protected discussion forums. U.S. researchers and graduate students who are active in burning plasma science and technology research are cordially invited to sign-up for a forum account.

USBPO membership is not required to read the FESAC/FSMP documents or to participate in discussions. Registration takes less than two minutes.

STEP 1:     Sign-up for a Forum Account

If you do not have a forum account then you are invited to REGISTER HERE.

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The USBPO does not monitor or record which documents and discussions that forum members view or download.

Registrations are manually processed. Anonymous or heavily concealed identity information will not be approved for a forum account. Please specify your institutional email address.

STEP 2:     Log-in to the Forum

When you receive an email stating that your account has been activated then LOG IN HERE.

STEP 3:     Access the FESAC White Papers

Scroll down to the "FESAC Subcommittee on MFE Priorities" title.
Just below that heading, you'll find the "Documents" folder where the White Papers are posted. Click on "Documents" to see the list of papers which you may then view and/or download.

SHORTCUT:    Go Directly to the White Papers

If you have an activated forum account then...
All white papers are available for viewing and download in the FSMP DOCUMENTS FORUM. (If a "Sorry" message is displayed then click "Sign In", near the upper-right corner of the window, to log in.)


HERE IS AN INDEX of the white papers, sorted alphabetically by the last name of the lead author.
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