Talks received for the FESAC TEC Panel 2017

Some talks are restricted to the FESAC TEC panel, pending approval from presenters

First AuthorInstitutionTitle
Paul Bonoli MIT - PSFC Exascale Computing and Integrated Modeling as Transformative Enabling Capabilities in Fusion Research
Brenda L. Garcia-Diaz Savannah River National Laboratory HTS - An Industry Perspective
Jeffrey Hittinger LLNL Advanced Computing as a Transformative Enabling Capability
Peter J. Lee Applied Superconductivity Center, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory HTS Superconductors for Fusion Applications
Rajesh Maingi PPPL Agenda v3
Rajesh Maingi PPPL Introductory Comments
Roger Raman University of Washington Development of a Fast Time Response Electromagnetic DM System
Nygren, Richard E Sandia National Laboratories High Impact on Fusion - Multiple Transformative Enabling Capabilities
Gary E. Rochau Sandia National Laboratories Advanced Energy Conversion Cycles
John Sarrao LANL Materials by Design; Materials for Harsh Environments
Peter Seidl Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory High power multi-beamlet RF linear ion accelerators for neutral beam injection and plasma heating
Masashi Shimada Idaho National Laboratory Superpermeable Metal Foil Pump for Increasing Tritium Burn-Up Fraction for DEMO
Daren Stotler PPPL Plasma-Material Interface Modeling
Kurt Vetter ORNL Radiation Hardened Electronics
Clement Wong Retired from General Atomics Blanket Design Options and Learning from ITER
Stephen J Wukitch MIT PSFC Path towards RF Sustainment of Steady State Fusion Reactor Plasmas
First AuthorInstitutionTitle
Dan Brunner MIT PSFC Developing a reactor power exhaust solution by testing advanced divertors in a compact, divertor test tokamak
Ryan Dehoff ORNL Additive Manufacturing: Manufacturing Demonstration Facility
Nasr Ghoniem Ultramet Self-Healing Liquid Metal Protection System for Plasma-Facing Components
Houyang Guo General Atomics Development of Advanced Divertor Concepts for Steady-State Fusion
Chuck Henager Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Plasma-Facing Materials-by-Design and Rapid Prototyping via Additive Manufacturing
MA Jaworski Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Slowly flowing and high temperature liquid metals as plasma-facing materials
Quanxi Jia University at Buffalo - the State University of New York Fabrication of High Temperature Superconducting Wires with Desired Current carrying Capability for Fusion Magnets
Yutai Katoh ORNL Advanced Manufacturing for Fusion PFC and Blanket Materials
Yutai Katoh ORNL Emerging High Temperature Materials for Potential Application to Fusion
Egemen Kolemen Princeton University Fast Liquid Metal Program for Fusion Reactor Divertor
Brian LaBombard MIT Long-leg divertors with secondary x-points: a potential solution for divertor heat flux and PMI challenges - aided by the development of demountable HTS magnets
R. Maingi PPPL Introductory comments
Dick Majeski PPPL Mitigation of scrape-off layer power flow with lithium plasma-facing surfaces
Stuart Maloy Los Alamos National Laboratory Development of Improved Radiation Tolerant Ferritic Steels for Fusion Applications
Enrique Martinez Los Alamos National Laboratory Advanced Material Design for Fusion Applications
Richard E Nygren Sandia National Laboratories Development of Fusion Subcomponents with Additive MAnufacturing
David Ruzic University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Case for a Lithium-Surface Divertor
Thomas Schenkel Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Accessing the multi-scale and time-resolved dynamics of radiation-induced defects in materials in support of plasma – materials interactions research for fusion
Peter Seidl Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Accessing the multi-scale and time-resolved dynamics of radiation induced defects in materials in support of plasma-materials interactions research for fusion
Blas Pedro Uberuaga Los Alamos National Laboratory Accelerated molecular dynamics for fusion materials
Yinmin (Morris) Wang Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Additive manufacturing for fusion energy sciences
Brian Williams Ultramet Ultrahigh Heat Flux Helium-Cooled Divertor Incorporating a Foam Core Heat Exchanger
Dennis Youchison Oak Ridge National Laboratory Additive Manufacturing for Advanced Cooling Technologies
First AuthorInstitutionTitle
T.M. Biewer ORNL In-situ, Real-Time Measurement of Plasma Facing Component Erosion using Digital Holography
R. Boivin GA Diagnostic Enhancements for Fusion Development
Luis F. Delgado-Aparicio PPPL Burning-plasma diagnostics: photon and particle detector development needs
Nicholas Eidietis GA Technology to Produce Rotation in Reactor Systems
Nicholas Eidietis GA Transformative Disruption Avoidance & Mitigation Solutions
Laila El-Guebaly UW-Madison Neutronics and Tritium Breeding Capability for Liquid Metal-Based Blanket (DCLL)
Alison Flatau UMBC Overview of Smart Materials
Charles Forsberg MIT Flibe (6Li2BeF4) Blankets to Integrate Heat Production with Electricity Markets Using Nuclear Brayton Combined Cycles
J. Freidberg MIT To 'B' or not to 'B' That is the question
John Kelly DOE Generation IV International Forum Overview
Egemen Kolemen Princeton University Real-Time Stability Analysis to Achieve Transient Free Operations with Feedback Control
Lang Lao GA Extreme-Scale Computing with Emphasis on High-Fidelity Physics Leading to Reduced Models for Plasma Simulation and Control Technology
Rajesh Maingi PPPL Agenda v3
Dick Majeski PPPL Recycling reduction for control of anomalous transport
Joe Minervini MIT Fusion magnets using HTS
L. M. Reusch UW-Madison Developing Integrated Data Analysis techniques to optimize diagnostics for burning plasmas
Susana Reyes LBNL Tritium Safety
Carlos A. Romero-Talamas UMBC Additive Manufacturing of Plasma Diagnostics: Opportunities and Challenges of a New Paradigm in Experimental Plasma Science
Alexander Scheinker LANL Adaptive Feedback Control and Diagnostics for Complex Systems
Eugenio Schuster Lehigh Reactor-like Control Integration by Model-based Real-time Optimization
Peter Seidl LBNL High power multi-beamlet RF linear ion accelerators for neutral beam injection and plasma heating
Brandon Sorbom MIT Demountable Superconducting Magnet Coils
Derek A. Sutherland University of Washington Steady, inductive helicity injection for efficient sustainment of stable toroidal plasmas
Mickey Wade GA Spin Polarized Fuel for Increased Fusion Gain
Xiaorong Wang LBNL REBCO magnet technology to enable next-generation magnetic-confinement fusion machines
Yuhu Zhai PPPL High Temperature Superconducting Magnets for Next Step Fusion Reactors
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