The Community is invited to attend the Community Input Teleconference: May 18-19, 2015


The Community Input Teleconference complements whitepapers as a forum for additional community input to the workshop. We thank everyone for whitepaper contributions. We received 121 whitepapers, with 48 requests for oral presentations.  All whitepapers are available via the workshop website:


Goals: Whitepapers, as well as teleconference presentations and group discussion, provide important contributions to the workshop goals of reviewing recent progress and identifying gaps and challenges in fusion theory and computation directly relevant to the topic of disruption prevention, avoidance, and mitigation and that of plasma boundary physics, with whole device modeling as the long-term goal. In addition, the workshop will reassess these challenges and their concomitant opportunities and will adjust or broaden them appropriately by taking into consideration recent progress and using the criteria of urgency, extreme-scale computing benefit, readiness for progress within a ten-year time frame, and world-leading potential.


Speakers: Speakers during the Community Input Teleconference are any whitepaper submitters who (1) requested to do a presentation and (2) are not also serving as a member of one of the workshop panels. The full list of panel members is available via the workshop website.


Agenda: A final agenda is now posted.  Please review the agenda and note the time of your panel session and presentation.  Be sure to view this final agenda, as some presentation times have changed since the prior draft. Presentations will be posted at this site as they are received.  


Zoom teleconference information: All May 18-19 sessions will take place using the Zoom teleconference system.  Connection information for the teleconference is given below and has has now been posted on the website.


Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:

Or join by phone:


    +1 (415) 762-9988 or +1 (646) 568-7788 (US Toll)

    Meeting ID: 617 253 0886

    International numbers available:


·         Please test the Zoom software prior to the workshop.


·         All teleconference attendees should be sure to mute your microphone when not speaking and turn off your video camera.  You will see these control options along the bottom left of the Zoom video display.  We will use video camera display only for speakers during their presentation timeslot, as well as for Panel Chairs and Co-Chairs during their session.


·         People with firewall issues should use Zoom telephone (audio) connection and download pdf files of presentations from the workshop website. We anticipate that these presentations will be available on the conference website prior to each teleconference session.


·         If you have any technical difficulties, please send email to with a contact telephone number; we will relay your problem to an IT person at MIT, who will handle the problem.


Speaker instructions:  Each Panel Session will be chaired by the corresponding Panel Chair and Co-Chair.  The Workshop Chair (Paul Bonoli) will manage the display of all slides during the teleconference. He will advance each speaker’s slides (which will be displayed to all attendees using the Zoom teleconference system). Each speaker will simply ask for the slides to be advanced during the presentation.


During each speaker’s presentation timeslot:  Turn on your Zoom video camera connection if you would like teleconference attendees to see your face in addition to your slides.  Otherwise, all video cameras should be turned off.   


A reminder to speakers on format:  Each speaker in a given panel session should be sure to attend the Panel Introduction (by the Panel Chair and Co-Chair) at the start of the overall panel session.  Each speaker will be allocated 10 minutes of presentation time, followed immediately by 4 minutes of question/discussion with the panel.  Speakers should focus on (1) what are recent advances and gaps, and (2) what are opportunities (i.e., readiness to make substantial progress).  Please strive for clarity and brevity.  Please adhere to these guidelines so that the panel has time to ask questions and ensure that your points, and their implications for the report, are clearly understood. Each panel session will conclude with additional group discussion, led by the panel Chair/Co-Chair. We encourage speakers to stay online to participate in this discussion.

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