2014 FESAC Strategic Planning Panel

This website supports the 2014 FESAC Strategic Planning Panel.

Led by Prof. Mark Koepke (West Virginia University, Chair) and Prof. Steve Zinkle (Univ. Tennessee - Knoxville, Vice Chair).

Fusion Energy Sciences contact at DOE: Sam Barish

Members of the subcommittee are listed here.

Panel Documents

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Request for White Paper Submission

The FESAC Strategic Planning Panel invites all members of the fusion-research and plasma-science communities to submit a white paper expressing a particular scientific topic’s status and priorities, as updated from the 2007 Greenwald’s FESAC panel report on Priorities, Gaps, and Opportunities, and a separate white paper expressing that topic's associated initiatives, i.e., new and exciting topic sub-elements of a given program element.

Click here for a document providing White Paper format guidance. Updated July 17, 2014.

This document will explain that both white papers should put the author's comments into the context of the mission of DOE-FES for all three program elements and, for the Foundations and the Long Pulse program elements, into the context of the Gaps as analyzed in Chapter 4 of the 2007 Greenwald-Panel report and the first two Challenges on page 9 of E. Synakowski's 9 April presentation "The charge for advice on strategic planning". White papers will be accepted until 1 September 2014. Please submit your written submissions via e-mail simultaneously to Mark Koepke (SP Panel) and to Mark London (USBPO) by using the email address SPwhitepapers@burningplasma.org. All of the received white papers will be posted or linked for public viewing on this web site.

Submitted Whitepapers

White papers received by the FESAC subcommittee for Status and Priorites, and Initiatives.

Abstracts received by the FESAC subcommittee for the June meeting are available here.

Abstracts received by the FESAC subcommittee for the July meeting are available here.

Information on Public Meetings, June 3-5 and July 8-10

The meetings were held at:
Location: Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center
9751 Washingtonian Boulevard
Gaithersburg, MD. 20878

Click here for the detailed schedule of the 8-10 July meeting.

July 8, Tuesday, "Major Facilities" [i.e., Burning Plasma: Foundations]
(12 talks): 3 from Asia (EAST, KSTAR, JT-60SA), 3 from Europe (JET, ASDEX-U, ITER),PPPL, C-Mod, Gen. Atomics, small Spherical Tori, Other

July 9, Wednesday, "Advanced Measurement for Validation" [i.e., Burning Plasma: Foundations]
(12 talks): Measurement Innovation, Developing a Long-Range Strategy, Universities, International Partnerships, Other

July 10, Thursday, "Prediction and Control" [i.e., Burning Plasma: Foundations]
(12 talks): Theory and Simulation, Plasma-on-Surface Interaction, Other, Overflow

Click here to see the detailed schedule for the 3-5 June meeting.

June 3, Tuesday, "Heat Fluxes, Neutron Fluences, Long Pulse Length" [i.e., Burning Plasma: Long Pulse], (12 talks).

June 4, Wednesday, "Astrophysical Phenomena, Plasma Control Important for Industrial Applications" [i.e., Discovery Science], (12 talks).

June 5, Thursday, "Discovery Science, Advanced Measurement for Validation," [i.e., Discovery Science], (12 talks).

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