The U.S. Burning Plasma Organization (USBPO) is a national organization of scientists and engineers involved in researching the properties of magnetically confined burning fusion plasmas.
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  • Assembly of the ITER Tokamak is well under way
  • APS-DPP Research in Support of ITER contributed oral session
  • 11th ITER International School (Postponed)
  • Research Highlists:
     Role of high-field-side microtearing turbulence on DIII-D
     high core plasmas

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  • April 30, 2020: Community Plan for Fusion Energy: Summary of key outcomes of APS-DPP Community Planning Process
    The APS-DPP Community Planning Process was successfully completed this winter and its report has been transmitted to FESAC. A summary of the key elements of the strategic plan, particularly those which involve Fusion Science and Technology (MFE and Fusion Materials and Technology), since burning plasma research is integral to this path, will be presented by Nathan Howard.
  • October 4, 2019: Updates on the Community Planning Process: The Path to a Strategic Plan
    This talk will cover the progress of the ongoing planning process, a description of ongoing activities, how to engage, and a description of the activities before and during the Knoxville meeting.  Speakers: DPP-CPP co-chairs.
  • U.S. Fusion Outreach Group
    Please join the U.S. Fusion Outreach Team! This is a national group of fusion scientists, teachers, students, and fusion advocates in general to provide a unified platform for national magnetic fusion outreach effort.

The Wendelstein 7 X stellarator achieved its First Plasma milestone on 10 December 2015. The accuracy of the magnet system was verified by electron-beam field mapping and expected island structures were observed. The first plasma consisted of Helium and reached about 1 million degrees Celsius. (Photos: IPP)

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