The U.S. Burning Plasma Organization (USBPO) is a national organization of scientists and engineers involved in researching the properties of magnetically confined burning fusion plasmas.
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  • October 17, 2018: Operating without Disruptions in ITER and Beyond
    The seminar will summarize the plans and research needs for obtaining disruption-free operation on ITER and other future devices, with examples from current experiments.
  • September 12, 2018: Summary of FESAC report on Transformative Enabling Capabilities for Efficient Advance Toward Fusion Energy
    Dr. Maingi chaired the FESAC panel, and they identified several areas where new capabilities, if developed, have the potential to accelerate our progress towards fusion energy.
  • U.S. Fusion Outreach Group
    Please join the U.S. Fusion Outreach Team! This group is organized by the U.S Burning Plasma Organization (USBPO) to provide a platform for national fusion outreach efforts to unite.
  • Disruption Task GroupLeaders: Valerie Izzo (UCSD) and Robert Granetz (MIT)
    The task group exists to coordinate US-wide disruption research efforts (both experiment and theory), to identify gaps and suggest priorities, and particularly to ensure that outstanding issues for the ITER Disruption Mitigation System are addressed in a timely manner. The US ITER Project Office has the responsibility to provide ITER's DMS.

The Wendelstein 7 X stellarator achieved its First Plasma milestone on 10 December 2015. The accuracy of the magnet system was verified by electron-beam field mapping and expected island structures were observed. The first plasma consisted of Helium and reached about 1 million degrees Celsius. (Photos: IPP)

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